How can my business use Flashcards PostcardsTM to promote my company or my products?

Call me, I can help: David Lenz 1-800-531-0777

If you want to be noticed - send a Black and White postcard

Your ad in FULL COLOR.

• You can create your own ad from scratch, or send us via Email your concept and our creative department will shape your ad to look best on a postcard. We will send you a proof of your postcard setup. You can then make changes, corrections, additions or deletions and send it back to us. We will make the changes and send you a new proof for your inspection. When you are satisfied you will send us your approval and we will start production.

• You can use any image from our postcard line.

• For Pricing see order information on order form.

• If you have a US Postal indices we will print it as part of your postcard setup.

• Our postcards are 4 1/4 inches by 6 inches and use the standard U.S. Post Office postcard postage rates.

• We use standard U.S. Post Office rules for postcard setup.
Example: If you use a return address it must be placed in the upper part of the postcard.
US Post Office requires a 4.5" x 5/8" BLANK space at the bottom, they may print Address Bar Codes in this area.

• If you are using your postcards as an insert or handout, you may use the entire postcard for your information.

If you would like samples of our cards or additional information email me at davidlenz@mac.com or call 1-800-531-0777

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